Hey, I’m atongen on!

% keybase id atongen
✔ public key fingerprint: 0F04 19E3 3836 AAC5 1389 2BC9 0CBE F8F3 D29A 7369
✔ "atongen" on twitter:
✔ "atongen" on github:
✔ "tongman" on reddit:
✔ admin of via HTTP:

Can the guys at keybase do for public key infrastructure what github did for git hosting? I’m not sure, but if you’d like to play along, you can send me an encrypted message here:

My keys can be found here:

If you’d like to encrypt a message for me right here in the browser, you can do so below.

First, select the key you’d like to use to perform the encryption:

Then, type your message here:

And send me the result.

This implementation uses personal_keybase.

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